dřevěné hodinky woowa orloy ebony wood watch

Woowa Orloy Ebony: Czech Wooden watch with touch of elegance

June 23, 2015 Posted by Woowa - No Comments

Black colour, symbol of elegance, luxury, but also a versatile color that fits may be to every outfit. That’s why we decided to use the darkest kind of ebony wood to produce our watches Woowa Orloy Ebony. We love the quietness, therefore, also dial numbers are in a dark black colour. But you need not worry about visibility of numbers, they are shine beautifully, so I assure you that you will know what time it is. :) As a contrasting element of watches we used white fluorescent paint othe watch hands.

czech wood watch orloy ebony made from nature wood

Wooden watches Woowa Orloy Ebony are a little different from the other models of Orloy series, because of ebony wood has a higher density. So weight of these watch is little bit higher for a few grams more. Weight of Orloy Ebony is aprox. 70g, which is quite a difference compared to the ladies’ model Nikki, whose maple flavor weighs only 35 grams. Even so, 70g weight is really low weight for watches whose casing has a diameter of 50 mm!

Wooden watches Woowa Orloy are more suitable for men’s hands, however, women who like bigger watches, will love this model too.

Heart of Woowa watches is standard hight quality japanese Quarz movement Miyota Citizen.

dřevěné hodinky woowa orloy ebony dárkové balení woowa wood watch craft gift box

You will recieve beautiful gift box including gift watch box made from craft paper, jute bag and warranty card inserted into envelopes in a bronze color. We tried to make gift box mainly from natural materials, so you can not expect plastic or some other synthetic material.