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Woowa Colourz: Wooden watches who plays with colours

October 14, 2015 Posted by Woowa - No Comments

A combination of minimalism, practicality and beauty of natural wood. We present a new collection of unisex watches wooden Wowa Colourz.

Characteristic of this watch is mainly a minimalist approach to the watch case using a natural material – wood. Specifically, you can buy a watch Colourz in two colors and in a light – from maple wood and dark – exotic sandalwood. Wood texture complement the metal parts in antique brass color, which looks very elegant. Instead of the wooden strap, we choose this time the highly popular NATO nylon straps that are easily changeable. Wooden watches Woowa Colourz thanks to a wide range of brightly colored straps perfect fit for every outfit. Watches from the Collection Wowa Colourz, as well as our other series, are equipped with high quality Japanese quartz movement Citizen Miyota.

Watches can be purchased on our website https://www.woowa.eu/.

Dřevěné hodinky Woowa Colourz Photoshoot

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Wood watch Woowa Colourz Maple Trikronor Detail