Wooden Watches in Contact With Water

Wooden Watches and Rain? No problem!

July 23, 2014 Posted by Woowa - No Comments

Many of you think when a wooden watches comes into contact with water or with the sun it will destroy it. However, you can stay calm. Our Woowa wooden watches are surface treated to mind plain rain, wood used on watches will not swelling or rot. The problem may occur when you swim with the watch in water, or expose contact with water for a longer period of time, after which we are not liable for the consequences. :) Because I do not want to sell a pig in a poke to you, I will test our model of watches in real for a few months. Pictures from testing will be showed on our Instagram or Facebook. At this time, I have on hand more than a month wooden watch Woowa Orloy Ebony and I do not see any changes. I wear it on parties, sport times, bussiness meetings, when was raining or in hight temperatures, etc. So you can enjoy every one day in your life with our Woowa wooden watches. :)