Typical CZECH DESIGN, natural materials and high quality manufacturing. There are three main reasons to fall in love with Woowa wood accessories. In 2013 the idea of Woowa watch was born. We wanted to create something unusual and unique.  After a few months of hard work, our first watch became a reality. Our first model was called Orloy, a watch which you can still find in our offer. Since then, our watch has travelled to customers around the world – Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the US

Wood as a natural material has been irreplaceable and highly valued in various industries for centuries. We have decided to use this material because each piece of wood is unique and can be shaped into work of art. Each tree has its own history, shape and texture. No two trees are ever the same. This is also true of our products.  Each piece is totally original and no two are ever the same. To create an even more unique look you can customize your watch by choosing a personal engraving at no extra cost.